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  1. How do I become a buyer?
    The PCLIA sale is on Saturday morning, June 9th at 9AM. Fill out a buyer’s card at the registration desk to obtain your buyers number and bid on sale lots.
  2. What is a pool?
    A pool is a group of buyers pooling their money to purchase animals.
  3. Can several buyers go together to buy an animal?
    Yes, they may form their own pool. Cards may be filled out before the sale starts on Saturday.
  4. When is payment due?
    Purchases may be paid at the end of the sale or paid upon receipt of the invoice. Credit Card payment is available, but a 3% service charge is added.
  5. How much of the proceeds go to the kids?
    Ninety percent of sale proceeds go to the exhibitor. The remaining 10% goes for scholarships, operation expenses, maintenance, and the building fund.
  6. What does it mean to ship, give back, or keep the animal?
    a. Give back is the option of buyer to give back the animal to the exhibitor and pay full sale price.
    b. Ship is the option of the buyer to sell their purchase to the floor price and deduct from the total bid price. Example: Your bid is $800.00. Floor price is .50/lb x 200 lbs($100). $800-$100 = $700 payment due.
    c. Keep is when buyer takes possession of the animal.
  7. What is a floor?
    Floor prices are on a bid basis due on the Friday prior to the show week. The Floor price of each animal species is announced on Monday of the show. It is the price guaranteed to the exhibitor for the sale lots that are sent to the floor by the buyer.
    Example: If the floor price of sheep is $1.50/lb and Lamb weighs 150. The floor price for this lamb would be $1.50 x 150 = $240.
    Example: If the swine floor price is $.30/lb and pig weighs 250.
    The floor price for this pig would be $.30 x 250 = $75.00
  8. Is there a minimum amount one can spend?
    a. There is no minimum bid at the sale. Buyer can spend whatever they would like, and “add-on” money can be added to the exhibitors projects in the sale by filling out an add-on form at the sale which is sent to the sale office.
  9. What are the future needs of the PCLIA? Facilities, etc?
    Many of the buildings on the PCLIA grounds are currently over 69 years old. An update of facilities for safety of exhibitors, buyers, and spectators is of importance due to old and outdated electric utilities and nonworking or nonexistent equipment. We are also growing and need to facilitate the future growth of our organization. There are 46 more exhibitors in 2018 than in 2017. The PCLIA has dreams and plans of a new air-conditioned show barn/sale arena and expanded pen areas in the future for the comfort of our exhibitors, buyers, and spectators.
  10. Why are so many animals auctioned off? Could it be shortened?
    Per our PCLIA rulebook, a percentage of each animal species shown are sold to help as many Parker County kids as possible. We have 624 exhibitors for 2018.
  11. Can a buyer write off their purchase to the IRS?
    Yes. The PCLIA is a 501C non-profit organization.
  12. Does a buyer have to be present to purchase a lot?
    No. Buyers may leave bids with someone to bid for them.
  13. What if a buyer has no way of hauling animals?
    If a buyer has no way to haul an animal to keep, they may opt to “give back” or “ship” the animal purchased. (see question 5.)
  14. Is PCLIA a non-profit?
    Yes, we are a 501 C non-profit organization.
  15. Can the animals be showed at other events after the Parker County show?
    If animals are given back to the exhibitor, they may be shown at other shows or used for breeding purposes. Some younger species may be able to go to the State Fair of Texas or to jackpot shows.
  16. How long does the sale last?
    The buyers breakfast begins on Saturday at 7:30 AM
    PCLIA awards and recognition follows at 8 AM at the sale arena.
    The sale usually ends at approximately 2PM or when the last lot sells.
Recognition is usually given to the buyer in the sale ring when a sale is complete. Please know that the PCLIA appreciates all the support that each buyer provides to our kids and our organization!

For more sale info, contact Leonard DeBusk @ 817-629-5992

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