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2018 Parker County Youth Livestock Auction

The 2018 Parker County Youth Livestock Auction is the end result of the 4-H and FFA Youth Member’s year-long projects. It is an educational experience, as well as a business venture. The members get the opportunity to have a “hands-on” experience while learning all about the agriculture industry. They discover what agriculture production is all about. Having community support at the auction makes it possible for the young people to receive recognition and the motivation to earn and save college funds or to buy more animals and possibly start their own herd. Many youth go through this program and come out as great leaders, educators, and responsible adults.

How To Become a Supporter of the PCLIA Youth Livestock Auction:

  1. Be a Buyer at the Parker County Youth Livestock Auction!
    Saturday June 9, 2018

  2. Donate to the PCLIA Buyers Pool
    Individuals and businesses choosing not to buy an lot as sole entities can still show their support for Parker County 4H/FFA youth and the Parker County Youth Livestock Auction through the PCLIA Buyer's Pool. The Buyer's pool is comprised of individuals and businesses who make a donation to the sale in any amount they wish to contribute. The Buyer's Pool then pruchases animals with the donated funds to ensure that every student's project is purchased and to maximize the benefit to our Parker County 4H/FFA members.

  3. Make an add-on
    Add-on donations to specific exhibitors and sale lots. You can not add-on to an exhibitor that did not make the sale.

    Click here for an add on form

    Fax (817) 594-6163 or email pcliatreasure@gmail.com your completed add on to PCLIA and you will be invoiced for the amount of your add on.
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